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About us

Stephen & Sons is a modern bespoke shirt brand that allows its customers to be their own tailors. Founded by industry veteran Stephen Chau, the brand fuses traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create beautiful, premium shirts that are custom fit to each body shape and need.

After 40 years in the apparel industry, working and travelling in fashion hubs across Europe and Asia, Stephen saw a missing gap in the tailoring market and set out to launch his own stylish, perfect-fit shirt label for men.

With Stephen’s eye and industry experience combining his supplier’s manufacturing craftsmanship, they have developed a unique algorithm to output accurate body measurements for shirt making using very simple data. Stephen & Sons was launched in 2015 using this technology as the backbone. Since then, the brand has evolved into 5 different category lines:
Ready to Wear; Classic Stephen & Sons; Fine Italian; Traveling Gentleman; and Made for Movement. It also offers a full bespoke option where customers can fully customize each part of the shirt from start to finish.

At Stephen & Sons, our offerings include:

• High quality workmanship
• High quality fabrics, such as double twisted long fibre yarn
• Easy customization of your own shirt
• No physical measurements required, only collection of your body data
• Fit guarantee - if the fit of the initial finished shirt does not match your body shape, we will collect your feedback and offer a replacement tailored to your needs
• 40 years of garment experience

With made-to-order, Stephen & Sons ensures that there is no wastage and that each shirt is customized to your personal style, fit and occasion. With just a few clicks, you can now create your perfect shirt at the ease of your own home!